Baby Hazel Puppy Care


Hey girls! Cute baby Hazel loves pets, like I am sure you already know. She has a cute cat, as well as an awesome and friendly little dog. She loves them all equally and she loves to spend time with the puppy. Start the game called Baby Hazel Puppy Care and help her pamper her pets with love. Baby Hazel will need to wash her dog with care, because it got really dirty while searching for bones. Turn the water on and fill the bath tub. Use tweezers to remove the splinters from the fur and place them in a big bowl. Wash the puppy with water and clean the eyes and ears with a soft cloth. In Baby Hazel Puppy Care you can keep the puppy entertained during the bath while giving him a tasty treat and don’t forget to apply a scented lotion on the fur. Have a great time playing Baby Hazel Puppy Care!