Bad Luck Friday

It's not the end of the world but it is the end of the week and it just so happens to include that magic number 13. There is no proof that some psycho in a hockey mask will chase you down or your luck is about to get worse for 24 hours but there is an uncanny feeling. Something is just not right. This pretty emo girl doesn't know what to wear on such a bad luck day to make the bad luck go away, so she needs your help to find a pretty emo outfit for her to wear so that all the bad luck will stay away from her and she can enjoy her day. Make her forget about Friday 13 bad luck premonitions by having a fashion try out with her. Check out her cool emo style closet where she has lots of chic emo style dresses, tops, bottoms, socks and accessories, mix and match them, create lots of outfits and decide which outfit she should wear today. Don't forget the cool piercing and the emo hairstyle! Have fun playing Bad Luck Friday dress up game!