Barbie Bachelorette Challenge 2


Hello again ladies! Are you ready for Barbie's second challenge that her bffs have prepared for her, as a bachelorette? It looks like she did awesome with her first challenge and she is up and ready for the next one and she can't wait to start! In this second Bachelorette, Jenny, Barbie's bff who is in the rock music industry, has challenged our girl to rush through the streets of the town on her motorcycle, on the way to her next exciting challenge. If Barbie manages to collect all the items she is required to, she will enjoy three very fun mini games. In the first one, you have to make sure that Barbie plays the guitar correctly so that she is able to move on to the next one, in which she must find the hidden objects to unlock the rock dressup. Last but not least, Barbie's Bachelorette Challenge consists of a wonderful makeover in which you have to dress her up like a real rock star. Just add a pink dress with a pair of black boots, choose a funky hairstyle along with a daring make up and a rock style clutch and Barbie will successfully finish the Bachelorette Challenge! So have lots of fun with Barbie's second Bachelorette Challenge!