Barbie Closet Makeover HTML5


Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house or garden. Our closets need to be cleaned too! We need to get rid of all of those warm clothes that kept us cozy and warm in the cold winter days. Now, spring is right around the corner and we can already feel the warmth in the air. Barbie needs to clean her closet too so why don’t you help her do that by playing this fun game called Barbie Closet Makeover. Start by packing away all of the warm, cozy clothes to make room for the colorful spring clothes. After you are done with that go on and paint the bedroom is super fun colors to bring the spring into her closet too! Add stickers to make it even more fun! When you are done move on to the last part and the most fun one, the dressup part! After all, Barbie needs to start putting together some spring outfits! Dress her up nicely and see how pretty she can look! This super fun game will inspire you to clean and organize your closet too and have it ready just in time for spring! Have fun!