Barbie Easter In Style


Easter is close and Barbie has to look fabulous and you can help her in this stylish game called Barbie 
Easter in Style. Choose from a variety of cute outfits for Barbie to wear this Easter, from summer dresses, 
jeans and a cute top, or colorful blouses and skirts. You can also design her hairstyle the way you like it 
and choose a pair of sneakers or shoes. You are almost done, you have to accessorize her with flowers, earrings 
or necklaces and you are ready for Easter. After Barbie is ready you need to make the perfect Easter Egg. 
Choose from a stylish pallet of colors and paint the egg the way you like it. You can also choose cute 
patterns or you can combine them with stylish colors. Finish your Easter Egg with some cute bunny and chick 
stickers. Now everything is set in place for a great Easter: Barbie has a cute outfit and the eggs are