Barbie Fighting With Ken


Barbie and Ken are a couple, but one day she saw him with another girl and now Barbie is furious! Can you help her decide what to do next? Barbie thinks that Ken needs to learn his lesson the hard way, so she has plenty of options: throw a glass of water in his face, cut his shirt, slap him or maybe throw paint on his car. Help her make up her mind and have some fun! Choose one of the five actions available or try them all if Barbie is still furious. A makeover is sometimes mandatory and now is the right time for Barbie! She needs to look gorgeous from head to toe in order to go out on a date with another boy and make Ken jealous. Maybe this way she will reconsider and apologize for his mistake. Choose a stunning hairstyle and gorgeous accessories to make her shine. You have four outfits you can choose from to get that fabulous overall look. Do you think Barbie and Ken will be together again? Girls, play our exclusive game called Barbie Fighting With Ken and have a fun time!