Barbie Hoodie Design


Play Barbie Hoodie Design and create a customized hooded sweater for this brave fashionista girl! Barbie loves to be unique and you can often see that in her personal style. The weather has gone pretty cold lately, so it is time for her to take her hoodie out of the closet. But she has gotten bored with the same plain looks, so she has decided to design it into something more original. Can you help her out? You can pick between two different styles of sweaters to begin with. You can start painting them and create some really cool color combinations. Then add patterns and you can use them on the entire hoodie, or you can mix and match to create limitless new styles. You have available animal prints, hearts, animals and space prints. Then you can also add some text prints, which can be funny or cute. Finally add some special accessories like buttons, bows, badges or lace. When you are happy with your design you can complete Barbie's look with a new hairstyle, outfit and some extra accessories like a cap, a pair of sunglasses or some jewelry. Have an amazing time playing this lovely game named Barbie Hoodie Design!