Barbie Lovely Ballerina


Today is Barbie’s first ballet class and you can help her get prepared in this cute and stylish new game called Barbie Lovely Ballerina! She is so nervous for her first ballet class and wants to look beautiful. You can help her be cute and stylish by doing her make-up and choosing her outfit. Pick a spectacular make-up for her first ballet class. Choose between shades of eye shadow and eye liners, pick a cute lipstick color and make her a beautiful drawing on her face. The next step is to pick her outfit. Pick something that will let her move freely but at the same time will make her look beautiful and prepared. This is an important class for Barbie and she chose you, her best friend to help her. Wish her luck on her ballet class and remember how beautiful she looks. She will surely be one of the best students in the class, and part of that is your cute make-up and stylish outfit that you chose for her.