Barbie Rock Star

Barbie is a famous rock star! Today she will perform on the stage. It's going to be a really cool rock concert and you are her personal fashion stylist. Find a cool extraordinary outfit for Barbie and get her ready for the show. Start with Barbie's make up, applying eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, foundation and blush on Barbie's face, then do her hair, choose a funky rock top and bottom, some rock heels, trendy accessories and the fanciest rock guitar that Barbie has ever had. Give Barbie a spectacular rock star look for her rock concert, proving her what a great fashion stylist and make up artist you are. Dress Barbie like a true rock star, combining the trendy rock clothes and accessories in amazing rock star outfits. Choose the most fab outfit out of all the ones that you have created to be worn by Barbie at her rock concert. Have fun playing Barbie Rock Star dress up game!