Barbie Spy Squad HTML5


Barbie and her squad of superheroes are getting ready for a new mission! The super trio has the important mission of supervising a ball room because some villains are going to try and kidnap a VIP person. The girls need to work under disguise and they need fabulous outfits. No one must suspect that the spy squad is attending this event, so in this new Barbie Spy Squad Fashion game you must do your best to dress them up for the ball. They need special outfits which allows them to get in action if needed, so they need to wear a dress proper for the ball event accessorized with spy gadgets. Start with Barbie and style up her hair, then pick a glitzy gown and complete her look with secret spy accessories. Barbie's entire squad needs to look fabulous and ready for intervention at the same time. Have fun playing the new game called Barbie Spy Squad Fashion!