Barbie Super Hero Pet Rescue


Hey Girls, would you like to go with the amazing Super Barbie on a mission? She just received a message on her phone that a kitten is trapped on a tree and she needs to be rescued. In this Barbie Super Hero Pet Rescue you can be Super Barbie's assistant. Make sure that she gets ready for the mission and gets there in time to save the poor pet. First you need to help her put on her superhero outfit. Find her dress, cloak, boots and mask and help her get dressed. In this Barbie Super Hero Pet Rescue game you also need to make sure that she gets to the pet in time, by flying with super speed and avoiding the obstacles at the same time. Once there, the pet needs to receive immediate care because it's wounded. First give the poor kitten an injection to straighten up, then remove the wooden spikes and clean her. Next, bandage her injuries and get reed of the annoying flees. Now the cat is ready to go back to its owner. Have fun playing this new Barbie Super Hero Pet Rescue game!