Barbie Welcomes Baby Brother


Barbie is young, but she has just become an older sister, because her mother is in the hospital right now with her newborn baby brother. Barbie wants to welcome them in style, so help her decorate the room for the new member of the family. Use paint of different color and patterns to decorate the floor, the walls, the window shades, the baby bed, the sheets, the table, chair and wardrobe. You can choose yellow, blue or pink, polka dots, ducks, stars or baby prints. Choose some extra cute pillow and toys and then hang banners and balloons, welcoming the baby brother. After all that hard work, the rooms looks great, but now Barbie is a mess, so maybe you can give her a makeover too. Style her hair and dress her up in a fun and colorful outfit. Have a great time playing this game!