Barbie What's Your Purse-onality


Discover what kind of purse suits you the best and have fun creating a new outfit in this cute new game called Barbie What’s Your Purse-onality! Do you want to know what kind of purse suits you best? We have the answer here! Just answer a few questions and you will find out what is the perfect purse for you, based on your personality. After you find out, it’s time to give this cute girl the perfect outfit. Be careful to match the outfit with your purse, so that this chic girl will look beautiful. Choose the perfect outfit for her, and pick some cute accessories so that the outfit will be complete.  Pick a beautiful one piece outfit or design a cute two piece outfit for her. Don’t forget to give her a cute hairstyle, and you are ready. She is so glad you helped her find a cute outfit and she is happy she helped you find the perfect purse for your personality! Have fun playing this cute new game!