Barbie's Capy Make-up


Do Barbie's Capy Make-up by getting inspiration from the adorable Capybara and using the right cosmetic products! Start with a very bright lipstick, then make the eyes stand out with an eye liner. The golden one is super glamorous. Define her eyebrows, apply powder to matify her skin, make her eye lashes look very long with mascara, choose a pair of contact lenses, use a blush for her cheeks and decide on an eye shadow palette to make her make-up look complete. Then you can style Barbie's hair and dress her up in a cute outfit that matches her make-up. You can even choose the Capy t-shirt. Don't forget about the cutest accessories in the world! A capybara hidden between pink roses in a tiara? Yes, please! Have a wonderful time playing Barbie's Capy Make-up!