Barbie's Festival Makeup


Beautiful Barbie is getting ready for a music and art festival and she is so excited. She needs to get ready and she wants to look fabulous at this festival, because her crush is going to be there as well and she would like to impress him. In this Barbie's Festival Makeup game she really needs your help, because Barbie would like to wear a special makeup. She doesn’t wants just any kind of makeup, so maybe you could create a special face art. Are you creative enough? You have an amazing makeup kit at your disposal, and everything you need, so take the brush and mix the colors to create Barbie’s amazing festival makeup. The beautiful blonde doll also needs a trendy hairstyle and what kind of outfit should she wear? Explore the boho chic style to come up with a fabulous festival outfit. I'm sure that you will give Barbie an amazing look in this new Barbie's Festival Makeup game!