Barbie's Romantic Date


Help Barbie choose a cute outfit to impress Ken when they go on a date tonight in this fashionable game called Barbie's Romantic Date. Barbie likes Ken very much and she wants to impress him with her cute outfit. Help her dress in her best attire in the first part of the game. The date will be a success if she dresses the way she feels comfortable, but stylish at the same time. After you pick the perfect outfit you have to give Barbie a makeup. Choose the perfect eyeliner for this special occasion, use a lipstick that goes with the dress and use the perfect concealer. Don't forget about the eyelashes and the color of the eyebrows. Now, Barbie is ready for her date with Ken. Wish them good luck, and take a picture of her so you could also have a perfect outfit and makeup on your first date!