Beautiful Girl Makeover

Give this beautiful girl a stunning make up for her a fancy makeover look, showing her what a talented and professional make up artist you, girls, are! You can style her hair in a trendy hairdo and dye it with the color that you fancy the most, the you can use various eye lenses colors for a hotter look. Do her eyelashes with as much mascara as you want to attract all attention on the eyes and choose sensational eyeshadow colors for a smokey eyes effect. For a goth emo look do her lips with blue, black, yellor or green lipstick and have her wear some piercings or face tattoos as well. Choose the blush and the precious earrings that you like the best as well. Choose a sophisticated gothic look, a trendy emo look or an elegant glam look for the beautiful girl's makeover. Have fun playing this make up game!