Bella's Vampire Makeover

Today is the 16th of November, which for most of us is just an ordinary day, but for the Twilight fans is a day of excitement and happiness as the last movie of the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2, has its premiere today. After three more movies and lots of unexpected vampire and werewolf adventures, we can finally see how the story of Bella, Edward and Jacob will end. What do you think, girls? Is Bella gonna turn into a vampire or is she going to stay human? Is Bella gonna choose Edward or Jacob to be her companion for ever? What will happen with the vampire clans and the werewolf pack? What will happen to Bella's daughter Renesmee? All these questions and more will find their answers in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Let's welcome the last movie of the Twilight series with a fancy vampire makeover for Bella! Bella is getting ready for the movie premiere and she wants your help to dress her up, do her make up, style up her hair and relax her face with beautifying cosmetics. Enjoy Bella's Vampire Makeover facial beauty game!