Belle Palace Pets


Belle has a cute puppy and that she loves so much, they are best friends and she takes her beloved dog everywhere she goes. This morning, her cute puppy ran outside in the woods for a play and came back really messy. On top of that, the puppy picked up lots of flees and his once clean and shiny fur is now filled with fluffs and pebbles. In this Palace Pets game you have to help Belle to clean and bath her pet. You need to use tweezers to remove the fleas and use a brush to remove the pieces of pebbles and fluffs. The pet's bow got dirty too, so it needs to be put in the laundry bag. In this Palace Pets game you will also give Belle's pet a good wash, so use the soap, sponge and the shower to get his nice and clean. Finally, dry off the puppy with towels and apply a solution to to cure the dog's wounds. Have fun playing this cool Belle Palace Pets game!