Birthday Cakes: Princess Castle Cake


If you ever wanted to know how to cook a delicious cake, now you learn by heart each step of the process. It is not just a regular cake because it will look like a princess castle. Isn't it amazing? Your first cake will look stunning for sure! Let's get started! Prepare the oven pans and get ready to cook the most delicious birthday cake for lovely Amy! In the exciting game Birthday Cakes: Princess Castle Cake, make the composition into a bowl and use a mixer to stir it very good. Make a pink frosting in order to fill the cake. Then use several cones in order to imitate the walls of a fancy castle and spread pink sugar over them to make them really delicious. Use your decoration skills and make a few windows for your castle to make it look more real. Use other colorful decoration items and finish your amazing cake in style. Girls, have a wonderful time playing Birthday Cakes: Princess Castle Cake!