Bold Prints

Have you heard about this season's must have fashion items? It's all about the most daring, bold crazy prints, from hypnotizing geometric prints to lovely cute flowery prints, so make sure you enrich your wardrobe with some stylish, trendy chic print outfits that will help you make your fashion statement and be in trends this spring. For some amazing inspiration, take the bold prints dress up game started and dig up into this teen stylista's fashionably patterned outfits collection! Oh, I forgot to mention: the dashing teen you're just about to style up, the moment you start playing the bold prints dress up game, is a worldwide known top model, too! Even now she's getting ready to do her catwalk and flaunt those daring prints like no other.These fashion critiques need to be stunned, so what could better dazzle them away if not some boho chic, vividly colored flouncy, flowered minidresses or some stylish geometric print minidresses? Check out her lovely flower patterned blouses, too, which would go wonderful, for a hippie chic fashion look, if paired with some flower-patterned pants or some multicolored ones. These statement prints are sure to hypnotize and mesmerize all the fashion addicts in the audience! Since bold prints and statement accessories make the perfect pair, how abut adding some wide brimmed hats, choosing from the ones you have in the supermodel dress up game, gorgeous necklaces and maxi handbags, too, to her catwalks looks? A stylish hairstyle and some stunning edgy shoes and she'll be ready to flaunt those daringly stylish prints on the runway! Learn lots of fashion tips and tricks playing this bold prints dress up game!