Bratzillaz Vampelina

Have you heard of the Bratzillaz, girls? Bratzillaz are fashion dolls and cartoon characters with special powers. Bratzillaz can easily rival Monster High ghoul girl characters with their amazing fashion tastes. Meet Bratzillaz Vampelina today, who is a vampire witch with the ability to see in the dark. Bratzillaz Vampelina has gray skin and vampire fangs as she is a vampire. Her eyes are bright yellow and her hair is white with red and grey locks. She wears red lipstick and pale make up. Like the Monster High divas, Vampelina has her own pet, a bat called Batric. Now that you know a few things about Bratzillaz Vampelina and her character, check out her fabulous vampire wardrobe and dress up Vampelina in lots of funky chic Bratzillaz outfits. Enjoy dressing up Bratzillaz Vampelina!