Chibi Nefera

Despite graduating, Nefera has trouble succeeding in life beyond high school and therefore often returns to Monster High, not rarely to torment her younger sister, Cleo. Dress Monster High Nefera in fashionable Egyptian inspired clothes and accessories and get to know her pharaonic origins. Egypt is a mysterious place and it hides lots of treasures and riches, which were burried together with the pharaons in their grandious toombs. Discover the Egiptian fashion dressing Chibi Nefera, Cleo de Nile's younger sister, in lots of combinations of pharaonic tops, skirts, dresses, heels, socks and gold jewelries. Don't forget to style up Nefera's hair and to make sure her pet accompanies her everywhere. Sphynks, pharaos, mummies, curses, gorl treasures, pyramids are all mirrored in Nefera's wardrobe, so discover the pharaonic fashion of Monster High Chibi Nefera. Enjoy Chibi Nefera dress up game!