Chibi Operetta

Operetta is described as being a perfectionist and that she hates being told what to do. Although she was introduced as being bitter and frigid at first, she warmed up to the ghouls and showed that she could be a great friend. Dress Chib Operetta in fashionable tops, bottoms, dresses, heels, socks and accessories, giving her a chic Monster High look. As she is an independent country diva, she has a great passion for music unlike any other ghoul student at Monster High. she has a wonderful spirit and a big heart. Her favorite activies are playing music and singing, so make sure you dress her like a true artist diva that she is. Her favorite color is vintage velvet red and her Monster High bffs are Holt Hyde and Deuce Gorgon. Her favorite pet is a spider and she like playing the guitar. Have a great time dressing Operetta in fancy and fashionable clothes and accessories playing Chibi Operetta dress up game!