Chinese Princess Makeup Salon


Chinese culture is filled with amazing elements. They have one of the oldest, most amazing cultures in the world so no wonder their traditional costumes are incredible. If you have ever wanted to get a closer look into the Chinese culture then play this amazing dressup game called Chinese Princess Makeup Salon. Start with a little spa treatment and take care of this beautiful girl’s complexion. Apply face masks and scrubs and make her skin look flawless before moving on to the makeup part. Start applying some wonderful eyeshadow, add a blush, mascara and a wonderful shade of lipstick. Add contact lenses to give her an amazing eye color. Next comes the dressup part. Choose an amazing, traditional hairstyle and then choose the traditional costume you want her to wear. Accessorize the look and watch this beautiful girl turn into an icon of the Chinese culture. Have fun with this dressup game and find more here on Enjoydressup!