Cinderella Selfie Lover


Help Cinderella make the coolest selfies in trendy outfits and enjoy playing this new game Cinderella Selfie Lover! Selfies started to be so popular and even the princesses began to follow this cool trend. Making selfies is so much fun, but also easily to do nowadays no matter the media device you use. In this fresh new game called Cinderella Selfie Lover, you have to help this lovely princess pick up a modern outfit for the three meetings she has today. The first one is meeting with the girls, so what better time to choose a comfy outfit than this? Choose a trendy dress for Cindy, a modern hairstyle and accessories. Next, she has an exciting first date so her look has to be not only elegant, but also romantic. After that, she has an important blogging meeting she has to attend in the night. Make sure she does not miss a single selfie with her chosen outfits! Enjoy!