Cinderella X Draculaura Babies


Do you like cute babies? Today you will have a super fun experience with two cute babies, who are amazing princesses from Disney and Monster High. Their names are Cinderella and Draculaura. When the two of them were babies they used to love to be pampered and taken care of. In the Cinderella X Draculaura Babies game you will have many assignments to complete, but I am sure you will do a great job. Start by changing Draculaura’s diaper with a new one. Make sure you clean her and apply a great baby powder beforehand. Make sure you apply a great lotion all over her body and you give her milk to eat. In Cinderella X Draculaura Babies game you will have a great time playing with her great toys and then you can dress her up for the day. Pick a nice hairstyle and a cute dress with a pair of comfy shoes. Have fun playing Cinderella X Draculaura Babies!