Cinderella's Love Story


Play Cinderella's Love Story to help the blonde princess dress up for the ball and meet her crush who is going to kiss her! There's a lot going on in Cinderella's life lately as she has to prepare for the prom after her high school crush asked her to be his date. The princess is extremely excited and her best friends are sure that he is going to kiss her by the end of the prom. Your fashion skills and intervention is needed because the princess can't decide how to dress up for the prom. You have to pick the perfect gown and accessorize it, then you have to give her a fabulous hairstyle. Will Cinderella and Prince Charming be declared the Queen and King of the prom? Make sure to cast your vote ad once they win, take a photo of them, you might even see them kissing. Have fun playing this new Cinderella's Love Story game!