Clean Up For Santa

It's surely going to be the first room of the house that Santa will step in, the one where the lovely Christmas tree, too, will throne, so how about beginning this fun Christmas cleanup marathon by getting the living room ready for Santa's visit? You will need to place all those lovely wrapped Christmas presents under the tree, while enjoying the clean up for Santa management game, and pick up all the left overs from the floor, placing them into the dustbin. Great! Next, step into one of the two sisters' bedroom, continuing playing this fun Christmas clean up game, and see what you can do with all those clothes hanging everyone around the room, for you wouldn't want Santa to step into such a messy bedroom, now would you? Next, it's time for the other cute girl's room to get all sparkly clean and for the kitchen, too, to get cleaned up for Christmas Eve. No food left overs and cans should be left there on the floor or on the kitchen table, the food left from the sweetlooking sisters' lunch should go into the fridge, the kitchen tools into the cupboard and so on. Don't neglect any detail, when you're playing this fun online clean up game, any tiny detail that should ruin the good impression that these two sisters would like to make to Santa when her comes to deliver them their special Christmas presents, and make sure that all the rooms of their house are so very neat and clean.