Cooking Eggs with Bacon


Hey girls, are you ready for a new cooking session? This time we are going to cook a delicious breakfast and no one can resist to Eggs With Bacon! For a delicious meal we need fresh ingredients and this is why we must stop at the store before we start cooking. You will have to buy fresh eggs, smoked bacon, salt, pepper, oil, vegetables and bread. Once you got everything from the list, it's time to get busy in the kitchen. Cut the bacon in slices, then cut some oranges too. You will also prepare a refreshing homemade orange juice. Toast the bread, the fry the bacon and the eggs. You could also fry a sausage and once you are done, you can create a sandwich or you can arrange the food on a plate. Decorate it with vegetables and bon appetite, you just cooked the most delicious Eggs With Bacon breakfast!