Crazy Real Haircuts

Be a crazy hair stylist for a day in your own bedroom. Cut and trim the crazy hair using scissors and electrical hair trimmer until you get the desired lenght. You can paint it in twelve crazy colors, comb it to get the perfect shape and if you can't decide, just get the hair dryer and your haircut will be as crazy as a hair can get. Become a master hair stylist, exercising your hair cutting skills by creating original hair styles for both girls and boys. You get the chance to trim the hair, cut it, dry it, paint it and style it in lots of crazy haircuts. Learn how to be a professional hair stylist, turn your room into a hair studio and start getting lots of haircuts and hair colors. You can even practice some haircuts that you've seen at your favorite actor, actress or singer. One day you might even style or dye their hair, who knows! Exercise your hair cutting, hair styling and hair dying skills in this make up game and create lots of crazy real haircuts. Have fun!