Cute Groundhog

The day when cute, fluffy Phil here gets to play the role of a superstar, when all eyes are focused on him and him only, is so close! You can just guess now that this adorable groundhog would like to look his very best on his one and only day of glory! Get him a fancy elegant or a sporty chic look to make the best impression with playing the cute groundhog dress up game! What fashion style would make him look even cuter than he already does? Try pairing some of his stylish black pants with his fancy looking tuxedo and tall, gentleman hat and there you have such an elegant, classy groundhog, ready to stun everyone with his fashion look and with his weather report, too. Now, don't stop here with the rummaging through his wardrobe and with the tiny clothes selecting! There are plenty of chic outfits to pick from, playing the cute groundhog dress up game, and accessories to style him up with. What if you could dress up the cute groundhog with a sporty chic baseball t-shirt or a comfy hoodie paired with some brightly colored sporty pants, too? A cute looking cap, selected from the sporty cute ones available in this cute animal dress up game, and Phil here is ready to chase his shadow down the field or trying to escape it, it depends. A nice flower bouquet would be perfect for completing his cute stylish look, in case his weather forecasts are optimistic, or maybe a cool baseball glove if the sweet looking meteorologist feels like greeting spring by practicing his favorite sport in the open air! Have fun playing the cute groundhog dress up game and get this cute rodent here the perfect, chic festive look to sport on his favorite day of the year: 'Groundhog Day'. Enjoy!