Cute Kitten Creator


Hey girls, do you have any favorite pets? I would love to have a kitten. In this Cute Kitten Creator game you can create and style up a lovely kitten making it look exactly the way you like. You can choose the shape and colors of the kitty’s eyes, ears and tail. Next you can play with different colors and add spots on your kitten's fur, years and tail. You can also change to color of her fur and add different kind of stripes on her tail. You can make it look like an angel or a little devil, isn’t that fun? Last but not least, you can choose a nice outfit to dress up your unique kitten, such as a dress, or a costume. Finally, you kitten needs a place of her own, it can be a castle on a high cliff or a farm. If your kitten has a special talent she can also perform on a stage or live in the outer space. Have fun playing this new Cute Kitten Creator game!