Cute Pony Hairstyles


Hey girls, in this new game called Cute Pony Hairstyles you have to give a complete makeover to a cute pony. You have the chance to get creative and play with colors, but first you need to wash the pony's hair. Apply the shampoo and wash her hair, then use the shower to clean the bubbles and apply a hair mask. Use the shower again, the dry the pony's hair with the hairdryer and use a brush to make the pony's hair soft and shiny. Next it's time to choose a hairstyle for the pony and don't forget about its tail either. You get to play with colors too because you need to dye the pony's hair. Once you are done with the hair, you can change the pony's eye color, fur color and you can even apply makeup. Last but not least, choose a cute hair accessory and you are done. Have fun playing this new Cute Pony Hairstyles game!