Cutie Shopping Spree


It's shopping season and you can shop whatever you like in this cute new game called Cutie Shopping Spree. 7 
new places wait for you to do your shopping and nothing can stop you, only the limit of your 500 cold coins. 
Don't rush and buy every item you like from every shop, but analyze what looks good on you and buy only the 
things that look cute if you wear them. You can buy cute shoes, stylish coats, and pretty dresses! Take your 
time and choose a nice blouse and after you're done shopping for clothes you can start shopping for 
accessories. Take some time to relax from your shopping and choose a beautiful haircut that goes perfectly 
with your new outfit. If you still have gold coins left, you can also by a cute little pet! Choose between a 
handsome dog, a cute puppy and a fluffy kitty to be your companion in your shopping spree.