Design My Princess Swimsuit


Hey ladies! This summer is all about summer fun and fashion! The Disney princesses have also thought about getting ready for a new amazing vacation at the seaside, but they want their outfits to be fully customized. That is precisely what you are going to do in this really exciting decoration game called Design My Princess Swimsuit, customize the Disney Princesses swimsuits. The first thing that you will have to do will be to choose the princess you will design the swimsuit for. Whichever your favorite Disney princess may be, you will find her here. Once you will have selected the princess, in Design My Princess Swimsuit you will then get to pick a cool shape for the swimsuit. After that, there will come the sewing part. After the sewing is done, from that point on you will then get to the really fun part: the decoration part. Choose  a cool color and a pattern, and decorate the swimsuit. In Design My Princess Swimsuit, to add an extra bling to the outfit, you will also be able to choose some cute accessories that will complete the look. Have fun playing this CuteZee game called Design My Princess Swimsuit!