Disney Descendants Villain Babies


Mal and Evie are the cutest Disney Descendants Villain Babies ever! You are going to love to babysit them, so play this fun new baby game and have fun with these lovely villain babies. Evie is such a peach and Mal is such a sweetheart. In this new game you can test your babysitter skills by spending a day with baby Mal and Evie. You don't need to feed them or change their diapers. In this game you main task is to play with them lots and lots. You are going to find lots of toys and you will help the babies play with all of them. You have one more important task, teaching Mal and Evie walk. You will help them make the first steps and if they fall and start crying, you can distract them with a toy. Last but not least, you will have to dress them up super cute! Have a really great time playing this new game called Disney Descendants Villain Babies!