Doli Antz Invasion

Surely, we're not the only creatures that enjoy a cool, happy sunny day. So the ants came out of the ant hill to take a walk. But there's definitely something wrong with this picture, because the ants are too many! So we have to do something to get rid of them! They might be cute bugs, but they are way too numerous and they're all over the place, so we should better start doing something before they get even more, so let's stop this Antz Invasion right now, before it's too late! Match at least three of them by genre and this is the way you get rid of them. The nasty ants invaded the whole house and we need your skills to pair them quickly by genre to be able to keep the whole situation under control. The entire operation is time-limited, so don't waist it and start getting rid of those mug ants! Have fun playing Doli Antz Invasion management game!