Double Raspberry Sorbet

Just imagine yourself laying on a gorgeous tropical beach, sunbathing in the hot summer summer, listening to the relaxing sound of waves and enjoying a refreshing fruity summer dessert. Now step out of your summer dream and get the double raspberry sorbet cooking game started, learning all the right tips for preparing the ultimate summer delish! Let's start this fun summer dessert cooking game with the basics now: turn on the stove! Don't leave the on-screen pointing finger out of your sight, as well as the helpful indications popping out on your screen. What's next? Add sugar to the pan! Then, add some water then.. what does this mean? It's sugar melting time in the double raspberry sorbet cooking game! Now, get ready to feel your mouth water for you're just about to fill in a large empty bowl with plenty of fresh, juicy, refreshing raspberry. Yummy! Add some spiciness to their sweet taste pouring some lemon juice, too, into the bowl there, then mix it with the sugared water, too, using the blender put at your disposal there, in the on-screen kitchen, and mix them all together in a delicious, fruity mix. Place your sorbet into the fridge, as indicated to you, be patient for a couple of seconds, then focus on your summer dessert's decor, too. Spoon some raspberry mixture into the empty bowl that you have in the double raspberry sorbet cooking game, decorate it with plenty of raspberry juice and then well, too bad, that you can't actually enjoy at least one tiny piece of it! Boost your confidence as a cook, playing the Double Raspberry Sorbet cooking game!