Draculaura's Bedroom Decorating

Monster High vampire diva Draculaura wants to have her bedroom redecorated and she needs you help, as she knows you have a great fashion sense and you are an amazing interion designer. Have a look at all the decorating furniture and objects that you have at hand and pick the ones that you fancy the most to decorate Draculaura's bedroom in a trendy chic Monster High style. Choose the color of the wallpaper, the floor, the bed, armchair, bookcase shelves, closet, mirror, upss, Draculaura doesn't need one, being a vampire, she has no reflection in the mirror, and so on. Choose trendy Monster High colors and furniture designs and don't miss having a Monster High poster as well in Draculaura's Bedroom. Enjoy Draculaura's Bedroom Decorating funny game!