Draculaura's Birthday Cake

Everyone knows Monster High character Draculaura. Today is her 1600th birthday, so let's make her a big surprise decorate a big birthday cake for Draculaura's birthday. Draculaura is the daughter of the famous count Dracula and now she just turned 1600 years old. She looks amazing for her age due to Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover and she is throwing a birthday party with her Monster High best friends, to which you are also invited, so why not surprise Draculaura with a fangtastic and bloody monstruous birthday cake, which you can make in this Draculaura's Birthday Cake funny game. Deocorate de cake with crazy cute toppings and colors, and have it ready to be devoured by Draculaura at her birthday party. Have fun playing this funny game!