Draculauras Fangtastic Makeover

Draculaura is a Monster High School student and one of the popular ghouls attending the uncommon school of monsters. Draculaura is the daughter of the famous count Dracula, yet she is not a blood thirsty vamp, but a vegan, eating fruits, vegetables and iron supplements. She is a fashionable and girly girl, she loves pink and black, smiling and laughing, and her BFF aka bat friend forever is her pet called Count Fabulous. For a girl of 1.599 years old, Draculaura looks really good, especially her face and skin look amazing for a girl of her age. That is because she likes to take care of herself. Draculaura wants to share her beauty secrets with you, girls, in this awesome make up game: Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover, so that you can look fabulous like her even when you will be much older. She will show you how she manages to look so fangtastic all the time and to keep her skin so shinny, toned and wrinkles free. Aren't you girls just eager to discover what cosmetic techniques and fashion secrets lie behind her beauty and youthfullness? You can find out yourselves playing Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover! Every day Draculaura uses cleanser and scrub to clean her face, finishing her face makeover with mask and toner for a perfect and healthy looking skin. Help Draculaura complete her fangstastic makeover doing her eyebrows, her make up, her nails, styling her hair and dressing her in one of her monstruously cute outfits. Enjoy playing Draculaura's Fangtastic Makeover game!