Draculaura's Monster Spell


Girls, Draculaura wanted to be a normal girl, so she used a spell to transform herself in to a Barbie doll. But she doesn't like it and she wants to be herself again. Can you help her with a powerful potion? Don't waste time and begin the game called Draculaura's Monster Spell and help her! You can select four out of eleven ingredients and use them to create the potion. Try the plant, lipstick, perfume, book, bat, purse, comb, cupcake and others. Place the ingredients you have chosen in the pot and make the potion. In Draculaura's Monster Spell you will now need to give it to her to drink and make sure she is transformed. On no! If the transformation is not correct, she can be a pony, minion, baby, grow a beard, transform in to Frankie Stein or Elsa. Make sure the ingredients are correct and enjoy Draculaura's Monster Spell!