Dressing Room Secrets

Discover the most hidden dressing secrets and find out how you can dress up in style. Sarah is a cute girl who is also curious about those secrets. She is thinking about joining forces with you and discovering them while helping her get ready for the meeting with her girlfriends. So why not give it a try? All you have to do is step into her room, full of nice clothes, accessories and make up and let your imagination be free. The first thing you have to do for unraveling the dressing room secrets is to take care of Sarah’s hairdo. She can go for a cute simple one, curl her hair and put on a pretty green headband. Also, make sure that her make up is flawless and it highlights her amazing features and you can continue with the dress up part. She can wear, for example, a fabulous dress and accessorize it properly. Enjoy Dressing Room Secrets!