Easter Bunny Dress Up

Dress up this super cute Easter bunny. You can make the Easter bunny an adorable girl bunny or a handsome boy bunny, it's up to you. Get the bunny ready so she or he can hide the eggs in time for Easter in a pretty and colorful Easter outfit. The cute bunny has lots of nicely colored tops, bottoms, dresses, chic sunglasses, fashionable gloves, trendy bunny shoes, pretty bow ties and ribbons and other accessories ready to be discovered by you, which you can all mix and match to create cute outfits for the bunny to wear for Easter. There are also various baskets full of colorful Easter eggs that the pretty bunny is so eager to have for Easter, so start dressing the cute pet in lovely outfits and choose a different basket for each outfit that you have the bunny wear. In the end choose the nicest of all the outfits that you have created and enjoy your Easter playing this Easter Bunny dress up game!