Easter Egg Cakes


Easter is all about creative, delicious desserts. The joy of being with you family can only be made sweeter with the help of amazing cakes and candy. And if they are inspired by Easter, well, you are in for quite a treat. Easter Egg Cakes is a super fun new game where you will get to make the most amazing egg-shaped treats for your family and friends to enjoy with you. You will have to make the batter first and then cook it in the oven until golden brown. Next, get it out of the owen and make a crumble out of it. Mix the crumble with some heavy cream and roll the resulting batter into eggs. When you have all five eggs, get to the really fun part of decorating them with the most colorful icing and don’t forget to decorate them with bows and sprinkles. Have a really fun time with this great game!