Elisa College Room Deco


Elsa can't wait to go back to college and meet up with her best friends. She is so happy that Rapunzel is going to be her roomie this year. In this fun new game called Elisa College Room Deco, the Frozen princess wants to surprise Rapunzel, by getting back to the campus one day earlier and decorate their dorm room. Elsa want's everything to be ready by the time Rapunzel arrives there. They are going to have so much fun together this year, and Elsa is sure that Rapunzel would be so happy to find a nicely decorated room. Help her out by giving Elsa a few tips. Help the Ice queen choose the color of the walls and the floor, pick a lovely carpet and curtains, decorate the beds and choose some nice colors for the pillows. Add different decorations and make the room look welcoming and cheerful. Have fun playing this Elisa College Room Deco game!