Elsa And Barbie Pregnant BFFs


Everyone who has a BFF knows just how fun it is to do everything together. Having a BFF means sharing everything with them and having twice as much fun doing it. In this brand new game published on Enjoydressup called Elsa And Barbie Pregnant BFFs, these two BFFs are pregnant at the same time. How fun! They get to enjoy this wonderful time together and be there for each other through every stage of the pregnancy and you can help them out, too! Play this fun game and start by giving them some vitamins to make sure the babies will grow happy and healthy. Fruit are an important source of vitamins too so have them eat some, too. Music helps the babies relax so play some for them and then finally, go ahead and dress them up in super cute outfits. Have fun playing Elsa And Barbie Pregnant BFFs here on Enjoydressup!