Elsa And Frankie Babies


Hey Ladies, once again you get the chance to babysit two of the cutest babies, Elsa and Frankie. Baby caring is not that easy as you may think, it is a hard work but you will also have lots of fun. In this Elsa X Frankie Babies game you need to start your day as babysitter by waking up cute Elsa or Frankie. It's time for them to start a new day but as any other baby, they need to eat. The moment you wake them up you need to feed them with milk or else they will start crying. You can give cute baby Elsa and Frankie a toy to play with while they eat and when you change their diapers. Make sure to clean and powder the baby’s delicate skin and once done, it's time to dress up. You can change their hairstyle and find a cute baby outfit for them. Have fun playing this new Elsa X Frankie Babies game!