Elsa Apologize To Anna


Elsa has forgotten her sister’s birthday and Anna got really upset over it, so now she wants to make it up to her by giving her the most amazing and heartfelt gifts to make up for her mistake. If you would like to help Elsa prepare the gifts play this fun new game called Elsa Apologize To Anna and start by helping Elsa create her apology card. Pick a cute photo of the two and then add stickers to make it look really cute. Once you have created the card go ahead and help Elsa bake her sister’s favorite cookies. Mix all of the ingredients together, bake the cookies and then go ahead and decorate them. Next, help Elsa get to Anna’s house on her scooter. Don’t forget to dress up Elsa in a super cute outfit, too! Now Anna surely can’t stay mad at her and it’s all thanks to you. Have fun playing Elsa Apologize To Anna!